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દલિત સાહિત્યકાર નિરવ પટેલ

દલિત સાહિત્યકાર નિરવ પટેલ

આરપાર ના અંક ૨૭૦ માં ‘દિલ સે’ વિભાગ માં વાંચો દલિત સાહિત્યકાર નિરવ પટેલ

વધુ માહિતિ માટે જુઓ:
“Nirav Patel, the well known Gujarati dalit poet, sums up a discussion on novels by five leading Gujarati dalit novelists by stating: “The dalit experience portrayed in these novels can hardly be considered as complete. It is at best fragments of total reality. All the five novelists incidentally belong to one gender that is male and come from the predominant vankar caste which is at the top of the dalit pyramid and more backward castes like chamar and bhangi and many others are yet to articulate. One shade can- not create rainbows, let hundred flowers bloom to bring the spring.” (Patel 1999: 11). Patel’s observation points to gaps in the articulation and representation of dalit experiences important to fill for a dalit expression to be truly authentic. However, the very notion of authenticity is rife with contradictions. According to Chandraben Shrimali, a dalit and an erstwhile member of the Gujarat legislative assembly, the parameters of authenticity are the possession of male dalit writers. She perceives untouchability as a small curse of a larger, decrepit social system and focuses upon discrimination on grounds of gender rather than caste (interview with author, November 19, 2000). It is worth noting that Chandraben belongs to a relatively upper caste among the dalits and to that extent her version of the dalit problem may not be same as a woman from the bhangis, the lowest rung of the dalit ladder. These instances point to the fissures among the dalit writers regarding identity, representation and authenticity.”

Source: Economic and Political Weekly

Patel, Neerav (1999): ‘The Lead Melts at Severed Tongues Find Voice: Emerges Gujarati Dalit Novel’ Lecture presented at A National Seminar, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, 26-28 February.

ગુજરાતી સાહિત્ય ગુજરાત ના સામાજીક મુલ્યો ને પણ સ્પર્શે  અને સમાજ ની એકતા ને વધારે મજબૂત બનાવે એવાં વિશ્વાસ સાથે. જય.



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